Major Taylor is so much more than just a story of a bicycle racer from long ago. It’s suspense-packed, page-turning nonfiction that feels like a novel.
— Harvey Mackay, author of the New York Times bestseller Swim with the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive
[Major Taylor’s] entire life story, deftly recited in all its drama by authors Conrad Kerber and Terry Kerber, is the stuff of legends…
— Greg LeMond, Cycling World Champion and three time winner of the Tour de France
An eloquently written story of a forgotten hero who’s name should now become known worldwide. This meticulously researched narrative brings back the larger-than-life characters of this forgotten era, highlighting a sport and an athlete that became the daily obsession for millions of Americans, Europeans and Australians. Major Taylor: The Inspiring Story of a Black Cyclist and the Men Who Helped Him Achieve Worldwide Fame is a wonderful reading history of track racing in all its glory, trauma, suspense and heartbreak.
— Phil Liggett, NBC cycling commentator, and the “Voice of Cycling
...Exceptional. Exquisitely written, so well researched, this book is about one of the most amazing athletes in American history. I was entranced by this story of a black man who overcame the extreme racial prejudice of his time. I cannot recommend this book more highly.You will be thankful that through the determination, courage and example of people such as Major Taylor we actually do live in a better world."
— Dave McNally-Author of Even Eagles Need a Push
“Major Taylor”... is a true page turner. We are there at the turn of the century in 1907 in the far different world of cycling. We are there where perhaps the greatest athlete in the world was not Ty Cobb or Cy Young but Major Taylor, a black man. He was the Jackie Robinson of his time—shattering barriers, succeeding despite horrific prejudice directed against him. The Kerbers have done the world a very good deed in writing this book. Detailed, emotional, heroic, “Major Taylor” is a significant work of non-fiction that reads like fiction. BELONGS ON YOUR SPORTSBOOKSHELF"
— Harvey Frommer, Contributor The Epoch Times
"The book is meticulously researched and gracefully written... [a] highly engaging look into a lost world"
— Amy Goetzman, Minnpost
The fact that the greatest living athlete in the world in 1907 was a bicyclist was enough to capture my attention. The dramatic story—and the heroic fable—that followed kept me turning pages. Major Taylor belongs in the pantheon of great bicycling literature.
— Dan Buettner. National Geographic fellow, New York Times bestselling author of Blue Zones, and three-time cycling world record holder.
Perhaps the most important book ever written about cycling in America. Before Magic, before Ali, before Jesse Owens there was Major Taylor. A person who was truly born to ride! This is a must read by anyone interested in the transcendent power of the bicycle as a vehicle of real freedom. Long may Major Taylor's legend live.
— Bob Roll NBC cycling analyst and former professional cyclist
The Kerber’s reenact turn of the century events in captivating detail. The racing scenes are like none other in the annals of cycling authorship. It’s as if you are there, in the grandstands in 1901, feeling the gripping tension, smelling the leather saddle, seeing the strain of the riders every pedal stroke. Each breath of the racers becomes yours, charging toward the finish line and unprecedented fame.
— Paul Sherwen, NBC cycling analyst and former professional bicycle racer